Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twitter watch

"@brian_littrell I hope u will bring TIU tour to South America!my brazillian friend wants to see it!!so plz bring to my friend★" - brokhugs

"@brokhugs I'm looking forward to it. It will be fun. We have a lot of cool things planned. Chirp chirp." - reply from brian_littrell

"Had Long John Silver's in honor of @brian_littrell chirp!" - BrookeTish

"@BrookeTish that's awesome. GO FISH! Chirp chirp" - reply from brian_littrell

"just voted @brian_littrell for "Sexiest Twitter" *VOTE*" - BSBTEAM_Q8

"@BSBTEAM_Q8 thank you very much. Chirp chirp" - reply from brian_littrell

"@brian_littrell today is my birthday say Chirp birthday to me =) i love u" - AdrianaDrumond

"@AdrianaDrumond happy chirp day to you. Congrats!" - reply from brian_littrell

"@brian_littrell U & Leighanne r 2 amazing people. Ur love 4 one another is so strong. I want that in a relationship & look up to yall so ..." - BrandiArrington

"@BrandiArrington thank you Brandi for saying that. I appreciate it very much. Chirp chirp" - reply from brian_littrell

"@JaazCHIRP I love that suite! I wanted to buy it so bad, but decided not to. Hahaha chirp chirp" - brian_littrell

"@brian_littrell Goodmorning Brian. WOW 2 chirps from U in a row. Thank U so much for that & it means everything with the blessing! Chirp" - Littrells_DK

"@Littrells_DK hello hello and thank you all for coming to chirpy ville, the happiest place on earth. Other than Disney that is. Chirp chirp" - reply from brian_littrell

"@Littrells_DK yes we will do that. Blessings to you and your family. Know that with HIM, all things are possible. Chirp" - brian_littrell

"long day of arranging and tracking on nick carter's record. now for a drive along the illustrious hwy 1" - micah_nichols

"Hello skulleez sorry I've been MIA been busy workin!! Alls good and I'm healing well an fast! Thanks for all the support!" - skulleeroz

"Also death of adam is no more! We have a new name!:) !ohyeah! We love it! Hope u do too" - skulleeroz ( i guess AJ found out that a band called Death Of Adam already existed)

"Fitzjoy is back!" -JSo

"@JSo what does that mean?" - reply from skulleeroz

"@skulleeroz we just had dinner with Fitzy. He declared that he's back in the game. Not back with us unfortunately. ☹" - reply from JSo

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