Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NKOTBSB Press Conference from Fenway park

NKOTBSB become one of only 18 acts to play the world famous ball park in boston.

You can download the edited version ( I have cut out the part with the guy talking at the beginning ) the video starts when NKOTBSB come out to the press conference )

DOWNLOAD IN WMV - Both parts

Part 1

Part 2

New Old backstreet Boys songs from 1993-1994

Back when the guys first started out they did a number of school tours and events and I have been lucky enough to own some of these.

 I've made audio of all the songs that were performed and will post them here as I upload them.

End Of The Road Live and Acapella 

00:45 seconds


It Doesn't Matter Live



I Ador Mi Amor Live & Acapella



Tell Me That I'm Dreaming Live on Star Search



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kevin Richardson in Casserole Club Trailer

Steve Balderson ( the director ) has shared the official trailer for the new movie.

Looks hot!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Radio alert: Nick Carter on Mix 100.7 Tampa Bay

Most of the guys from NKOTBSB have been very busy doing interviews over the last few weeks and here comes another one with home town boy Nick Carter.

He will be on air Monday 3pm - 7pm.

 US fans can listen live here MIX 100.7

The DJ's are also taking questions on Twitter!/tampabaysmix

Spotlight Auction: Want Nick Carter's DNA

Yes that's right!

If you are a fan with amazing foresight then perhaps you would like some of Nick's "supposed" slobber left on this Coca Cola bottle ( Not sure the Pepsi would be too happy ) The plans of those little Nick Carter cloned minions running around could become reality.

Quick! At only $0.99 any psychotic fan could grab this so hurry up and bid like there's no Justin Bieber.

This is a very rare collectible item. It is believed to be Nicks, as it came from his Las Vegas hotel room several years back and has been stored in my closet for safekeeping since.
I was there in person in the hallway when my daughter got the bottle, so I guarantee that this bottle is authentic, complete with DNA! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Official Backstreet Boys Resource twitter and facebook

Yes this blog now has it's very own Twitter so I can notify anyone of new updates etc.

Keep your eye out for some exclusive content to be posted in the coming weeks.

There's also a facebook page if that takes your fancy

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Videos of AJ Mclean at various events.


Interview by Wire Image at Songs Of Hope November 1st
Quality: LQ. Jumpy, slightly out of sync.

Posing on red carpet for Wire Image at Songs Of Hope November 1st
Quality: LQ, Jumpy,


Interview at Transformers Premiere LA 27th June
SIZE: 1.44MB
Quality: LQ, jumpy

Interview with HollyScoop at Transformers Premiere LA 27th June
Quality: Terrible quality. The picture is relatively clear but very jumpy & the audio skips / is out of sync.

Posing on carpet at Transformers Premiere LA 27th June
Quality: LQ, A little jumpy

Interview at Xbox 360 Halo 3 Launch Party 15th May           

SIZE: 1.98MB
Quality: Fair quality. A bit pixelated / blurry

Posing on carpet at Xbox 360 Halo 3 Launch Party 15th May
SIZE: 1.67MB
Quality: Fair quality. A bit pixelated / blurry

Playing XBOX at XBOX 360 Halo 3 Launch Party 15th May
Quality: Good Quality. Slightly blurry at edges.

Talking to TMZ at NFL Madden Party 29th June
SIZE: 4.12MB
Quality: LQ, Blurry and jumpy.
Interview with Young Hollywood at Celebrity Poker 16th July
SIZE: 2.95MB
Quality: Good Quality, Slightly blurry edges.

Unknown Date

eXtra at Hellboy premiere 
SIZE: 2.88MB
Quality: Good quality. A little pixelated

Posing on carpet at Motorola 8th Anniversary Party
SIZE: 1.37MB
Quality: LQ. Very pixelated and a bit jumpy.

Interview at Wii Launch Party
SIZE: 3.39MB
Quality: LQ. A bit pixelated, jumpy and audio out of sync.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Multimedia uploads of Backstreet Boys

I am in the process of organising all my Backstreet Boys video files so as I do that i will make them available for you to download.

They will all be in WMV format but I can convert them if requested. These videos are ones I have collected over the years so if any that come up are ones you believe you own and don't want shared just let me know and I will take it down straight away. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New article mentioning and giving credit to Backstreet Boys

Last week during a rant about the New Year's holiday, I turned my invective on the musical guests featured on Fox's broadcast. Two such musical guests are the resurging New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, who I said belonged "in Las Vegas night shows." Many readers called me out on this by pointing out that the two acts were hardly desperate, and that the Backstreet Boys had even been selling out shows. Feeling stupid, I listened to the NKOTB album "Hangin' Tough," the Backstreet Boys' "Millenium," and ‘N Sync's "No Strings Attached" to serve as penance.
It had been a while since I had listened to a boy-band recording (probably the sixth grade) but my music taste has since expanded. I begrudgingly had to admit that these three were pretty good pop albums. New Kids' "The Right Stuff" and the Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life" still had it. As much as ‘N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" doesn't fit my taste, it's easy to understand how it became huge.
So what happened? None of these groups was creatively struggling when it fell out of the public's good graces.
For New Kids on the Block, it was a sudden collapse. The group released its third album, "Step by Step," in 1990 and it went multi-platinum, as expected. By the release of the album's third single, "Let's Try It Again," the group was old news. The single didn't break the Billboard Top 40.
Not helping the New Kids' cause were accusations of lip-synching on stage. Lip-synching is a tough charge for pop acts to shake. More recent history shows how the same accusation shook Britney Spears' career while all-but destroying Ashlee Simpson's. Groups that are entirely comprised of vocalists are already walking a thin line.
The benefit of playing one's own instruments is that it merits a degree of sympathy from the audience. To the blue-collar or day-job maintaining listener, playing an instrument constitutes "work." Vocals, despite the amount of practice put into them, don't get the same credit. That's why any country artist, even the "divas" like Carrie Underwood, can still strum a guitar. Kanye West can put months of work into crafting a beat for his song, but he will often only get credit for what he does on stage.
Aside from musical analysis, it seems that the listening public's taste for boy bands travels in waves. The arguable first wave was during the New Kids era, beginning with New Edition in the ‘80s, a group that featured Bobby Brown. After New Edition split ways with its songwriter, Maurice Starr, he became the producer for New Kids. The era's apex occurred with New Kid's "Hangin' Tough," but then fans lost interest.
The next wave began in 1996 with the release of the Backstreet Boys' self-titled debut. In the next year, both ‘N Sync and 98 Degrees would debut as well. But much like before, the public's desire for boy bands was fickle. ‘N Sync's "Celebrity" was the era's outgoing shot. The group soon split, with Justin Timberlake going solo.
The Backstreet Boys continued releasing albums, but each album's first-week sales have debuted lower on the charts than the last (not failures, but significantly less lustrous than the group's previous sales).
The fall of boy bands wasn't indicative of all pop music, however. Spears, who debuted around the same time as her boy-band counterparts, continued to be as relevant on the charts throughout the following decade, rehab and all.
But now, New Kids and the Backstreet Boys are back on the map. Why? It just seems that listeners are ready for a reemergence. Justin Bieber is a force to be reckoned with on the pop charts, and his formula is not far off that of boy bands. Will it last long? History says no, but for the time being, I must admit that boy bands never really die.

Great article I think. I give kudos to the journalist for being able to have a follow up article about their change of opinion.

It's also great to see that boy band fans are correcting mistakes made in the media. KTBPA