Thursday, October 28, 2010

New boyband One Call replaces Backstreet Boys at Jive Records.

Well aint that just a kick in the teeth! After years of Jive not giving a hoot about boybands Backstreet boys finally break free and what happens? they sign a new boyband.

Pop music fans of the past decade may know Johnny Wright as the very successful manager of *N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, The Jonas Brothers, and Janet Jackson. Well you know what they say, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ Johnny’s team at Wright Entertainment Group and Jive Records are at it again! Meet the latest boy band/Pop grop, One Call! 

One Call’s single, “BlackLight,” dazzles with beats and harmonies that could get any dance floor moving. Four separate voices— AG Gamlieli, Chris Moy, Jose Bordonada and Justin Thorne—color the song with distinct flare, fire and fervor.  However, One Call rings loudly with a diverse and daring style. Their forthcoming Jive Records release “BlackLight” pulsates with genuine pop prowess, and One Call won’t ever stop shining.
“In a nutshell, it’s eclectic pop,” says Justin in regards to One Call’s sound. “When we sit down to write together, we come from different places, running the gamut from pop to R&B. We approach writing with a very eclectic mind, and we want to make noise.”
Legendary music executive Johnny Wright heard that noise loud and clear when he assembled One Call. Wright helped launch The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and The Jonas Brothers, to name a few. He’s got an ear for talent, and an eye for the future. In 2008, he orchestrated the Bandemonium Tour featuring Menudo and NLT. The stars had already begun to align as Justin was in NLT, and Chris and Jose were members of Menudo. However, once Johnny met AG in 2009, that’s when he’d found the fourth piece necessary for a true pop super group. Johnny brought the boys to Florida for their first writing session, and they instantly clicked. One Call cranked out a ton of music and snagged the opening slot on Britney Spears’ critically acclaimed Circus tour. It’s been a wild ride ever since.
“BlackLight” swings with a sexy, slick style. It’s got a funky rhythm and a fist-pumping hook. Fans were able to sneak a preview of “Black Light” when it was featured on the hit ABC Family show, Pretty Little Liars in August. The song officially hits radio soon, and it will formally introduce the world to One Call.
About “BlackLight,” Justin reveals, “I had this concept in my head for a long time. Underneath a black light, things appear differently than they do in regular light. A lot will only appear under a black light. When a black light comes on, everything changes. Essentially, as soon as it turns on, you party. Everything goes away and you’re just dancing. Music runs parties—no matter if it’s played from an iPod or by a DJ. We wanted a song that would drive any kind of party or club, put people in a good mood and make them want to have fun.”
Anyone within earshot will certainly have a blast with the song’s hyper-charged infectious melody. It’s undeniably invigorating, and the group flashes brightly with genuine vocal ability.
These four personalities come together to make One Call so unforgettable and unique. AG keeps the group laughing, but he also approaches the tunes with devotion and dedication. Chris, the youngest member, is a real ladies man with a love for smooth R&B. For Jose, it’s all about crafting the tightest show possible. Justin’s got a deep understanding of music history and he’s the glue that brings it all together with experience.
One Call opened up Britney Spears’ Circus Tour in 2009, and they immediately sunk into the hearts of Britney’s fans all over the U.S. Rocking along Britney gave the boys invaluable experience. With their calculatedly choreographed dance moves and overpowering voices, their set was a hit. Jose goes on, “It’s our job to put on a great show. We want to make very visual songs that come to life on stage. We’re bringing something back that was missing.”
Chris adds, “We’re providing a different flare for the 21st century. It definitely references a classic vibe, but it’s something new. Plus, girls can move to it!”
In the end, One Call is going to make a lasting impression. AG exclaims, “We’re four kids that have something to prove. We love what we’re doing, and we’re proud of what we leave behind along the way. We’re real, we’re here and we’re going to carve out a place in music history for ourselves.”

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kevin Richardson to feature as a "dish" on Casserole Club website

The delectable Kevin Richardson will feature in a video blog on the Casserole Club website.

A series of these blogs will appear on the site over the next coming weeks with in-depth interviews with the cast of the movie. Keep your eyes peeled.

If the first interview is anything to go by it could be quite saucy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am 90% certain Kevin will be back with the Backstreet Boys and here's why.

So, yes i am joining in the hype of  "OMG Kevin's coming back" but it's not just because he appeared on Oprah. it's a whole slew of things.

Firstly when he left, he never said that it was a "forever" thing and the boys straight away said the door's always open and AJ in particular has been quite vocal about wanting Kevin to come back.

In my eyes Kevin left because of Jive and management. Kevin had been quite critical of Jive's decisions from about 2002 onwards.

  • Making them tour when Brian had his open heart surgery.
  • Howie having to fly back for a show straight after his sister had died.
  • I suspect he would have also been upset about AJ having to tour after he got out of rehab the first time.
  • The constant competition between Nsync and Backstreet Boys. Having Jive sign a copy cat group to cash in on the boyband hype put a lot of pressure on the boys as they constantly had to fight to keep themselves unique and different as Jive/managment gave Nsync the same access to writers, stylists etc. Any opportunities that Backstreet said no to, Nsync were given.
  • The record company releasing Chapter One: Greatest Hits against the group's wishes
  • Nick releasing his solo record when the boys were planning for a group one. yes this does tie in with Jive as again they pushed the Backstreet vs Nsync thing by pitting Nick's first solo record "Now or Never" up against Justin Timberlake's first solo record "Justified"
  • I think the breaking point was the recording of "Never Gone". Jive again seemed to push for the Rock/Pop sound while Kevin wanted to go with the R&B stuff they were recording. I remember Nick and Kevin both saying they had to fight really hard just to get Siberia on the album. Also AJ mentioned during the "This Is Us" promo that it was the direction that Kevin wanted to be going in when he was in the group.
So now with Jive out of the picture and the fact the guys are finally at a point in their career where they do have complete control I think Kevin would really enjoy the group again. I know a lot of fans see that as Kevin just jumping on, now that the guys have done all the work getting free of Jive BUT at the time of Kevin's departure the rest of the group did not seem to be prepared to stand up and fight for control of their careers.

Now to the rumours... there are always comments about Kevin coming back but this year in particular I have noticed a few more statements along the lines of "Kevin is 100% coming back". there was one earlier in the year on a South American Facebook fan page and most recently, just after Oprah, one at JJB Messageboard "I told you guys Kevin would be with them through the BSB/NKOTB tour 2011. Wait to you guys hear what else is going on" I know this is the internet and anyone can make up stuff but back in 2008 when Kevin joined the guys on stage for Shape Of My Heart

there just weren't the same rumours floating around even though it was the perfect opportunity to make things up like that.

So fast forward to now and the talk of Kevin being on the NK / BSB joint tour (which hasn't even been confirmed). We all know Kevin has bad mouthed New Kids On The Block over the years for being a bunch of pretty faces with only 2 that can really sing so of course Kevin wouldn't want to tour with them, right? Well thinking about it, Kevin said that comment in response to the flack BSB were getting about just being "another boyband" AND he often said similar comments about the European boybands. It was more a defensive statement rather than attacking another group. Then there is also this video from 1993 and I have to say it would seem Kevin is a fan.

Also the bad mouthing wasn't all one sided. Danny Wood has said ""Backstreet's records sound the same as before - their music didn't evolve like ours has. They never spoke too highly of us and said if we had talent we'd still be around. They should've probably kept their mouths shut!" among others. Yet they still all got on stage and sang "I Want It That Way" at a new Kids concert so if Danny Wood can do that I can't see Kevin Richardson not being able to.

There have been a few possible other clues too, such as

  • That 78% figure that Brian answered when being asked about the chances of a BSB / NK tour got me thinking. Was it just a random number? Or was there something more? Well if you take into account that with Kevin obviously being one fifth of the Backstreet Boys, that could be your missing 20% right there. It seemed like a done deal  that the concert would go ahead months ago, especially when E! started reporting it.but I'm that it may have been the decision to include Kevin that was holding them back and he needed some time to decide / be convinced. The remaining 2% I would put down to the actual signing of the contract.
  • In a fairly recent interview Nick and AJ said that the Backstreet Boys have "big plans" for the future that would "turn people's heads" and capture the attention of the public and media. Ok, so they left Jive but that didn't really get the media's or public attention. Of course there was Backstreet Boys joining New Kids on stage, which did get the media and public attention but it was fairly disappointing to the fans to think that could be the big surprise. I believe Kevin coming back fits in with the big surprise and news along with possible collaborations and going to a new label or being independent
  • A reputable source within fanbase circles has hinted at a Kevin return.
  • The Oprah show. One thought that straight away sprang into my mind was "why Backstreet?" It's Oprah's last season so every show is massive and there were whispers about there being an announcement on the show. from fan reports nothing seemed to happen about an announcement but I am thinking the boys could have easily taped something privately to be shown during the show. 
Now individually everything can be easily discounted but once everything is added up....well do the math (pun intended). 

Preview of Kevin Richardson on German Popstars

A small preview of Kevin has been posted on youtube. Many thanks to WeirdWorldGermany for posting!

Love that smile as he's walking down the steps.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kevin Richardson on Oprah with the Backstreet Boys

That's right folks, just as you think we are getting some news related to the rest of the group Kevin decides to pop his head (literally) into a video and send the fans in a frenzy.

Basically all 5 guys were at an airport in Chicago surprising a fan by serenading her with "I'll Never Break Your Heart"

View Video here

Apparently they will be in studio tomorrow and usually these things air about a week or two after they are filmed.

A few things to weigh up are the fact that this could be a one off thing for Kevin with the boys just to surprise this fan and he is quite busy with films so i don't know if he could rejoin the group permanently BUT having said it just a coincidence that all of a sudden we have a Kevin interview coming up and an appearance on German Popstars? Neither it would seems are to do with him promoting his films but more related to him as a Backstreet Boy.

Also last year Nick said in an interview that the group would be doing something huge that the fans wouldn't expect. At the time I thought it may have been the NK / BSB tour but it could be this. The fact the boys are no longer with Jive as well would also be a reason for Kevin returning as we all know he loved the music and the touring but hated the business.

Don't forget that this is the last season of Oprah so it is bound to be big!

Kevin Richardson on Popstars (Germany)

Credit to Helizzle on ALD for the info.

It will air next Thursday, 8:15pm German time. He will be a vocal coach on the episode.

I would assume he is over in Germany but it is possible they flew out contestants to LA as they have done on other talent shows like X Factor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kevin Richardson pictures from Bloody Indulgent

Yes, it's an Kevin Richardson news day! (so far).

Stills from the film "Bloody Indulgent" were posted courtesy of Kristin Kay Photography on facebook.

Some weird and wacky photos and quite frankly Kevin is starring as one freaky looking dude.

Kevin Richardson pictures from Casserole Club

Director of "The Casserole Club" Steve Balderson has posted photos from the filming on the official site. 

Some very nice ones of Kevin even if his bare chest does look a little strange lol.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kevin Richardson to be on air with Tony Sweet

That's right! Our favourite MIA Backstreet Boy is scheduled to appear on LA Talk Radio November 5th.

I can hear that collective cheer now....I would assume it will be to talk about "The Casserole Club" although just reading about the radio show it may be more of a broad interview, as it says "With fun and hilarity, we bring the best of Hollywood, Broadway, and Politics to share their stories and reveal how their struggles turned into success stories."

Tony Sweet's show airs from 6:00pm - 8:00pm (PST). Past shows have appeared on the radio stations website LA TALK RADIO and on itunes. There is a Listen Live link on the home page and if you wish US residents can call  1-323-203-0815 during the show and overseas residents can call through Skype.

Credit to Tony Sweet's Facebook HERE and also his Twitter HERE

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Denise Solis co-hosting on The Dope Doctor.

Another episode called "You Are Not Alone". Denise talks about while AJ was in rehab how she was getting calls and the media being outside the house trying to get an exclusive.

She also talked about how supportive the fans were and still are.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Audio now available of Brian Littrell on Star 94

Thankyou to Gotta Go 78 on TDS and for posting

Download Part 1 HERE

Download Part 2 HERE

Download Part 3 HERE

New picture of Kevin Richardson with cast of Casserole Club

Thanks to Team_KevyKev on twitter for posting and also Misha for posting on TDS

Brian in studio for Q100's Bert show - New Kids / Backstreet Boys tour info

I guess we should have assumed that brian would be on this too since he was on star 94 yesterday but i only just caught the tailend after Brian tweeted

"Hey hey hey Q100" - brianlittrell

So of course I high tailed it to the Q100 website where after some minor dramas (having to download new software) i just hear Brian wrapping up the interview.

Basically advertising the HHC events and building on what we found out yesterday

  • Brian will sing songs from Welcome Home
  • Leighanne and Brian will sing "Need You Know" by Lady Antebellum
  • Leighanne is a songwriter, mostly country music.
  • There's a golf tournament over the weekend he will be part of
  • 78% chance of a NK /BSB tour
  • Brian and Donnie Whalberg have been writing songs
Thanks to nickschickuk for finding the link to the interview.

 Listen HERE OR
Download HERE

Backstreet Boys on Don't Forget The Lyrics

The special celebrity episode of "Don't Forget The Lyrics" with our favourite Backstreet Boys aired earlier this week.

They got to sing songs from 4 categories Rock, Power Ballads, Pop and 1990's and then if they get through all that with all correct lyrics they sing an encore song where they have the chance to snag 50k for their charity.

The boys played for UNICEF and if you'd like to see the video click HERE - this is in WMV format

Here's Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brian on Star 94

Brian is currently on the Star 94's morning show. So far he has been talking about the events he is attending for the HHC.

 - there is a fair with fair rides etc where you can dunk Brian and challenge him to basketball
- There might be a surprise duet between Leighanne and Brian
- There is a massive Wylee party planned
- He talked about Kawasaki syndrome and how the HHC help with various things.
- He played a trivia game.

Here's a pic he tweeted from the studio

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oprah is after Backstreet Boys fans and their stories.

Thanks to semisweetmaybe at TDS for posting.

How big of a Backstreet Boys fan are you?  Did this boy band in some way, shape or form, have a profound impact on your life?  Perhaps you watched AJ talk about his addiction on Oprah in 2003?  How did that show or AJ's story impact you?   Or maybe you have  followed Brian, Nick or Howie over the years?  Who is your  favorite Backstreet Boy and why?  What is it about their music that you hold so dear? If you are a true Backstreet Boys fan, please tell us how or why this group has inspired you!

 They also have "What I Learned From A Guest On The Show" so maybe people may write in about AJ's appearance in 2003.

And there is also "Who Do You Want Oprah To Interview" section

Friday, October 1, 2010

AJ Mclean reacts to teen suicide

Very sad article today "NJ Gov. Wonders How Rutgers 'Spies Can Sleep at Night After Tyler Clementi's Suicide"

Anyway AJ did a very thoughtful video and Rochelle posted it. Everyone as a human being should hear his words.

You can download the video in WMV HERE

New Nick Carter song called Scream

Yes that's right! That song he wrote with Josh Hoge has just surfaced on the net. No idea if it will be on the upcoming album or not but it's a bad song....all be it a very rough cut.

New live Howie Dorough song "Just What I Needed"

During the Howie & Nick DJing gig, Howie previewed a new song from his upcoming album.

Sounds like a hot song and he did a awesome job mashing it up with Lil Wayne's rap from Kevin Rudolf's "Let It Rock". Howie and his music really fit into the Enrique Iglesias electro dance vibe.

Download the mp3 HERE

Denise Solis becomes a co-host on The Dope Doctor.

That's right, AJ's mum / mom is appearing on episodes of The Dope Doctor as a co-host. Some small mentions of AJ but also i thought this may be useful for anyone out there going through some tough times. So turn up that Backstreet Boys cd and get some advice from this segment.

The Dis-ease of addiction:

Hypnosis As A Recovery Tool

Here's the picture of AJ wearing that yellow shirt talked about in the first clip,
Credit to

Exclusive Brian & Leighanne Littrell interview with OK! magazine.

When Brian Littrell and wife Leighannerenewed their vows on September 11, they were not only renewing their love for each other after ten years of marriage, but also celebrating their lives on a day most consider to be a somber anniversary.
Now parents to Baylee, 7, the Backstreet Boy, 35, and his bride, 41, tell all about the celebration and reveal why September 11 is special to them, how they keep their marriage strong and where they see themselves as a couple in ten more years.
Why did you choose to renew your vows?
Brian: I think it’s rededicating one another’s life to each other, and showing that we are for marriage, we are for togetherness, we are for family. I think that signifies a lot of things in today’s world. Me, being a Backstreet Boy, and traveling the world and how people glorify the entertainer’s life … they also like to glorify how things fall apart tragically a lot in our world that we live in. In rededicating our vows to each other, it signifies how in choosing a companion and in choosing to love one in the first place, you want to be able to continue to be able to re-choose them and choose them over and over and find new ways to love them. After ten years and over thirteen years together, we still choose one another. I think that speaks volumes to what our love represents.
Why did you choose September 11?
Brian: It’s funny. We were trying to do it the weekend before, but the Backstreet Boys were wrapping up our Canadian and U.S. leg of the tour – of the This is Us tour. We wanted to have more time to prepare when we got home. It ended up falling on September 11, and what is signified about September 11 is not only were we celebrating our vows and renewing each other, but we were also celebrating life.
My wife Leighanne was scheduled to be on the American Airlines flight that morning out of Boston to California on the morning of September 11. The Backstreet Boys had just performed five sold-out nights at the Fleet Center there in Boston, and we were traveling to Toronto. My wife had scheduled to fly on the American Airlines flight back to L.A.
We as a group lost one of the crew members, a gentleman by the name of Daniel Lee, who was traveling on that same flight to surprise his wife for the birth of their second child. He went into the towers with the plane.
It’s amazing how it all worked out. If I did not have my wife, I wouldn’t be married, I wouldn’t have the life that I have and I wouldn’t have my wonderful baby boy who’s not a baby anymore – he’s going to be eight-years-old.
It’s a celebration of life with how it fell on that day. It’s a meaningful time in our lives. I think we celebrated two anniversaries almost.
Why did you get out of the flight, Leighanne?
Leighanne: The craziest thing was the night before I had this horrible feeling. I told Husband – you weren’t Husband yet, were you? – I told Brian “I feel really, really bad about going. I don’t know what it is.” He was like “Leighanne, you’ve got an audition, you’ve got a dentist appointment, you’ve got all these things to go back for – you just need to go.” And something kept telling me “you can’t go.” I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling in my soul that there was no matter what I couldn’t get on the plane.
I broke down to him and said “I can’t do it.” He goes, “well, God, if you feel that strongly about it, cancel it.” My family and friends thought I was on the flight, so the morning of, we happened to be sleeping in, and our phones were ringing like crazy. We got up in time to see the plane that I was supposed to be on hit the tower.
That’s incredible. What special touches did you have that made the ceremony personal?
Brian: Everything. [laughs]
Leighanne: Husband seems to think that one of the greatest things was our son got to walk down the aisle to celebrate ten years together. We want to celebrate family and celebrate love. Like Husband said, you don’t get enough of that in our industry anymore. Everywhere we go, we make our situation love, life and happiness. We surround ourselves with it. On this occasion, we invited 80 people who are close friends to us who always support marriage and love.
A crazy idea we had had – I was swimming in a pool one day, and I said ‘oh my gosh, Husband, we need to have synchronized swimmers in our pool!’ Because we enjoy our home and our love so much that we love to make things special and make things eventful. Pretty much everything we do, we do with everything we have – with all our hearts and souls. We started planning this fun, crazy party that everyone would enjoy and that would be a surprise to us all.
We started with synchronized swimmers in our pool because we love what old Hollywood represents as far as talent and the real meaning of Hollywood where it was not just about being famous, but it was about what you could bring entertainment-wise.
Brian: And being classic as well.
Leighanne: Yes, the class. Bringing the class back. It was all about class.
Brian: When Leighanne and I were first married, we had a beautiful reception on the whole fourth floor of a top-notch hotel. It was an amazing event, and it was an amazing time in our lives, but I’ll tell you Leighanne and I both, looking back on our ten-year anniversary, we had more fun then than we had at our very own wedding.
It’s cool to be in the situation where – everybody should be in that situation – where they can do whatever they want when it comes to spending time with those that they love. Having the right company there, and having the event and what they want going on. We had a huge, big band – an eight-piece band. It was so cool. All our guests kept saying “it’s like old Hollywood.” Leighanne and I kept being reaffirmed all night that that’s exactly what we wanted from the evening. We had tap dancers, we had a beautiful renewing of our vows. A good friend of mine, Matthew Crouch, his family owns the Trinity Broadcasting Network … he held the ceremony for us. It was cool.
We had the luxury of having our beautiful boy walk down the aisle with us, and signify how two can become one and become better at the same time. But now we’re three.
Leighanne: We had tappers and singers who did a number to Heaven Hop. We had another Frank SinatraDean Martin-style singer, and then we had a dancer. So we had acts in the middle of it all, so it was like being at a Broadway show. When we were eating, we had entertainment. It brought everybody in and made them feel comfortable and not feel intimidated but have a good time. It was important to have people around us and help them enjoy and feel comfortable but also have a good time.
What did you think of the cake?
Leighanne: Our cake was amazing. The gentleman at Classic Cheesecakes, Mark, that did our wedding cake … ever since he did our first cake, he’s done all of our cakes since then. He is amazing. He’s done Baylee’s birthday cakes, our shower cakes, our Christmas cakes. It’s amazing. They taste as good as they look.
What flavor?
Leighanne: They had Bailey’s Irish Cream. They were all pound cakes – vanilla and a Heath Bar.
How did the Heath Bar version taste?
Leighanne: It turned out well. This is the first time he’d done it for a party, so it actually turned out well. My pediatrician loved it. [laughs] He dove right in.
What was the highlight of the evening?
Leighanne: Baylee singing Jackson Five. Baylee got onstage and pretty much stole the show.
Brian: I think the highlight of the evening was the ceremony and the intimate setting of how everything came together, and the whole atmosphere. I think the whole atmosphere about the event set the mood. We had couples who had been married from 55, almost 60 years … the atmosphere and the ceremony was the best for me because I do choose Leighanne and I will choose Leighanne over and over and over. It was great because it was cool. Like all of our family and friends, I can’t wait until our fifteenth or our twentieth when we can do it again because Leighanne can throw a hell of a party, and it was amazing.
How did it feel to have your son on hand this time?
It was great to have him be part of the ceremony. He actually sang a song with the band, which was great. He sang I Want You Back by the Jackson Five, and tore down the house.
The funny thing about it would be the actual reception when we were all in the tent having dinner together, Baylee stands up on stage and he wants to do a few songs. He does I Want You Back as well as Straight Through My Heart from the Backstreet Boys.
The cool thing for me is everybody comes up to me after I do a song I wrote for Leighanne called Ten that talks about our anniversary. It was written for that very moment. But after I got offstage, everyone’s like “that’s a great job, you did amazing, you’re so talented, but that son of yours is out of this world.” I was like “uh-oh, there we go.”
Leighanne: Your song was amazing, too.
Brian: It’s hard to pick one. The atmosphere that we created for the couples and our guests and our family that was here set the tone for an amazing evening. It doesn’t matter what we were doing – we were having an amazing time.  Apparently my son stole the show even though it was our anniversary party.
Leighanne and I were going to sing Unforgettable to each other, but it turned out that with preparation and getting ready and putting everything together, it didn’t work out. I didn’t have time. But I will assure you there will be more anniversary parties in the future, so maybe we’ll get an exclusive with OK!
What gifts did you receive?
Leighanne: We asked for no gifts because we have so much, but probably the best thing was people made donations to our Healthy Heart Club for Kids, and liquor. They gave us a lot of liquor. What do you think that says about us? Vodka…
Brian: Wine, wine holders…
What’s the secret to a happy marriage?
Brian: A happy wife is a happy life. [laughs]
Leighanne: Communication. When we can’t be together, we’re always talking on the phone. You have to laugh a lot. When Pastor Collins told us – the pastor who married us –  he would’ve been here to marry us again, but he was in Germany – but he told us in the beginning “don’t ever go to bed angry.” You don’t always have to be right. Even if you know you’re right, you don’t have to say you’re right. We always try to practice humility with each other and communication. Always talk and always laugh, because at the end of the day, it wasn’t that important.
Brian: Some of the best advice I got from a close friend is marriage is always looked at from the world as 50/50 as to working together to make that 100 percent. My advice that I can share that’s not my own but was given to me is marriage should be looked at as 100 and 100 so that you’re always giving of yourself, you’re always sharing your thoughts and expanding on what Leighanne was saying about communicating and understanding one another is you have to know yourself first before you can know yourself in a marriage. You have to be so giving of yourself in order to give yourself to someone else, so I think having that 100% – and you don’t always get there. Marriage can be work, it can be difficult, it can be hard, but I think working through those times makes you stronger as a couple and as a unit.
Where do you see yourselves as a couple in ten more years?
Leighanne: If we could be any happier, hopefully not adding on again, but here enjoying life. We had more fun at this party than we did at our wedding. Learning to love life and love each other and knowing what’s important.
So many people don’t value their relationships and their lives, and end up in two or three marriages and miserable. We see each other always improving on our relationship, loving as much as we can and hopefully teaching our son to do the same thing.
He actually got married when he was five because he wanted to be married so bad. His birthday party was a wedding, and believe me, we had a full-on wedding. The pictures are amazing. He married his cousin because [jokes] you can do that in Georgia and Kentucky. It was the coolest thing.
To know that that’s the way he thinks, whatever we’re doing, whether we’re doing children’s album – Baylee has his own career, he’s probably going to be in the arts – working as a family, and Brian’s solo career, always being together – that’s why we homeschool and creating and making positive projects, and hopefully impacting the world in the most positive way we can.
Brian: If it’s possible, I know my wife will be much more gorgeous in ten years. She’s prettier today to me than she ever has been before. Adding on another ten, she will be even more gorgeous.
Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for exclusive photos from Brian and Leighanne Littrell’s vow renewal. The cover line is Jennifer Aniston/“I’m Back With John!”