Friday, October 8, 2010

Brian in studio for Q100's Bert show - New Kids / Backstreet Boys tour info

I guess we should have assumed that brian would be on this too since he was on star 94 yesterday but i only just caught the tailend after Brian tweeted

"Hey hey hey Q100" - brianlittrell

So of course I high tailed it to the Q100 website where after some minor dramas (having to download new software) i just hear Brian wrapping up the interview.

Basically advertising the HHC events and building on what we found out yesterday

  • Brian will sing songs from Welcome Home
  • Leighanne and Brian will sing "Need You Know" by Lady Antebellum
  • Leighanne is a songwriter, mostly country music.
  • There's a golf tournament over the weekend he will be part of
  • 78% chance of a NK /BSB tour
  • Brian and Donnie Whalberg have been writing songs
Thanks to nickschickuk for finding the link to the interview.

 Listen HERE OR
Download HERE

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