Thursday, September 30, 2010

Howie Dorough and AJ Mclean attend "Get Lucky For Lupus"

The event was held on the 22nd of September in LA.

The "Get Lucky for Lupus!" celebrity poker tournament and party will also include silent and live auctions with unique and priceless memorabilia from stars of sports, music, TV and film, a customized photo booth, celebrity deejay and MC, horsd'oeuvres and cocktails, music and fun hosted by young, hot celebrities.
Credit to Hollywood Knights for the info and pics.

 Twitter watch for the event. Special mention and credit to Misha who twittered from the event.

"Cambio intv'd aj too" - misha_bsb2 (Keeping an eye on their website Cambio for when they put the video up and their youtube page)

"Howie, Leigh, & AJ are playing at the same table. Only other celebrity i recognize at their table is Carl Weathers" - misha_bsb2

"Bsb item @ silent auction - signed TIU cd & signed 9x14 "napa valley private session" poster" - misha_bsb2

"Aj didn't have a cane but seemed to have a slight limp (favored a knee). I spoke briefly as he left: confirmed band name is "!oh yeah!" ..." - misha_bsb2

"I spoke to him briefly as he left: he confirmed band name is "!oh yeah!" & said HIA will be released in u.s. in january" - misha_bsb2

"Howie & leigh are now playing at separate tables" - misha_bsb2

"Leigh has the most chips at her table" - misha_bsb2

"... Howie, not so much" - misha_bsb2 (lol)

"Leigh is pwning her table! 6 stacks of chips" - misha_bsb2

"Leigh makes it to the final table. Break time first." - misha_bsb2

"Leigh lost on the first hand after the break. They left right away but howie took pics w/fans while leigh went to get the car." - misha_bsb2

"1. South american tour? "we're hopeful" 2. BIIM tour? 3. Nkotb tour? 4. New label? "I don't anything about it/that" (same answer to all 3)" - misha_bsb2 (typical Howie....never giving anything away)


There's a review of the event on MNN - Ecohollywood

Just back from a world tour, Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough, who lost his sister to lupus, attended with bandmate A.J. McLean, and revealed plans to record a new album for release next year. “I try to save electricity by unplugging the phone charger and save water by getting in and out fast when I shower,” said Dorough. McLean, who’s converting his house to solar power, conserves air conditioning and saves water by showering with his fiancĂ©e. “It’s got its perks,” he smiled.


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Yes that is AJ looking like Where's Wally or for you Americans Where's Waldo

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