Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter watch

"Just wrapped the mix of one of the songs I did with Nick Carter for his solo record. Get ready people. Dis be some next level shit ;-)" - Tebey

"Happy Labor Day tweethearts!!! Make it a safe one!" - backstreetboys

"Hey, do you follow us on twitter?" - backstreetboys

"We r so sad 2 hear the news bout Rich Cronin. He was an awesome guy. Our hearts go out 2 his friends, family + fans. Rest in peace brother." - backstreetboys

"@Jso any news about AJ? Is he ok after this surgery?" - carolinescarmo

"@carolinescarmo I talked to him yesterday and he sounded a little groggy. Other then that he is doing good." - reply from Jso

"yo @JIDoubleMYPopGo do me a favor and try to keep it PG 13...LOL" - nickcarter

"YO BIZZY? Wanna spit on my solo? I'm a huge fan!! Who's got his twitter?" - nickcarter

"I know that everyone thinks the Buccaneers are gonna suck this year but I'll make a promise. Your all gonna wish you supported them..GO BUCS" - nickcarter

"Surgery went well. Waiting for @skulleeroz to get out of recovery. Thanks for all the positive thoughts and wishes!" - rochelle_deanna

" - My monkee @skulleeroz this morning before knee surgery" - rochelle_deanna

"Dinner at Nobu tonight!!! Yummy! I might have to splurge on dessert!" - rochelle_deanna

"@pilatesjessicaf its my favorite too!! Tonight was definitely a cheat night! Haha!" - rochelle_deanna

"Great night! Dinner with my monkee @skulleeroz and his mommy! Time for bed. Good night :)" - rochelle_deanna

"@Tfey818 yeah you did!!! That shit was hilarious!" - rochelle_deanna

"@Tfey818 you held it together... I would have screamed if a bird landed on my leg!" - rochelle_deanna

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