Friday, September 3, 2010

Twitter watch

"If u missed our performance on Lopez Tonight the first go around, they are re-airing our episode tonight. Don't miss it again. It was hot!" - backstreetboys

"Do I have to?" - JSo (JSo is Jenn Sousa, the boys manager)

"@JSo Yes, you have to....just do it and stop whining." - reply from backstreetboys

"Rockstar Wives just mentioned BSB! "Wheres the private jet?" .."We're not the @backstreetboys, we take a BUS!" umm.. bsb aint got jets no mo" - ShesADream

"@ShesADream Aint that the truth....we're just happy that the bus doesn't break down!" - reply from backstreetboys

"@nicksbabe28FT9 must be sizziling then!" - reply from backstreetboys (not sure what this one was a reply to)

"The restaurant started to play a @backstreetboys song and was like finally someone plays good music then found out my dad requested it LOL" - Shorty_babe88

"@Shorty_babe88 We like your dad. He is a good man!" - reply from backstreetboys

"is it bad that i want to go on the @backstreetboys cruise in December? #ktbspa" - marjan_8

"@marjan_8 why would it be bad if you want to go on the bsb cruise? I mean...are you looking for a good time? Then that's the place to be!" - reply from backstreetboys

"@backstreetboys I'm your biggest fan in Kuwait. We love U ! PLEASE RT if you love your fans from Kuwait! We are always forgotten :(" - Resha_kuwait

"@Resha_kuwait Hi Selma, we love you too!" - reply from backstreetboys

"@backstreetboys In September and still have no news of the tour through South America. When you talk about it? The fans want info" - Mary_bSb

"@Mary_bSb once we have info we'll let you know...we are trying to figure everything out and make everyone happy..." - reply from backstreetboys

"@backstreetboys it's Shema!! But whatever you replied me !!!!! Thank you guys!!!!!!" - Resha_kuwait

"@Resha_kuwait Shema is even hotter!" - reply from backstreetboys

"ok...gotta go! everyone have a safe labor day weekend!" - backstreetboys

"Thank you all SO much for the happy anniversary wishes!!!! Chirp" - LeighanneReena (Brian's wife)

"Hey all skulleez please say a prayer for my surgery on tuesday! Not to worry I will be fine just want some support! Love u all" - skulleeroz

"@rochelle_deanna dude what is @skulleeroz having surgery on? <I <3 Skulleeroz>" - Bone_Freak

"@Bone_Freak he's having surgery on his left knee. Don't worry! He's gonna be fine :)" - reply from rochelle_deanna (Aj's fiancee)

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