Sunday, September 5, 2010

Twitter watch

"Hey all my skulleez today is the first official photo shoot for "Death Of Adam" my boy @tylershields is doin it so it'll be sick!" - skulleeroz

"Kicking ass with @tylershields and my monkee@rochelle_deanna and my DOA bandmates:) its gonna be sick as shit!!!" - skulleeroz

"Hey everyone I'm at the hospital getting prepped for surgery so wish me luck and ill make sure my monkee @rochelle_deanna let's u know imok" - skulleeroz

"@Panda_Rae I fell asleep watching that movie the other night! Need to finish it... I heard its hilarious!" - rochelle_deanna

" The Pendant on Sale now - A young couple moves in together and finds themselves in the middle of..." - backstreetboys

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