Monday, September 20, 2010

Twitter watch

"and what do we have here?" - backstreetboys

"Are you on iTunes Ping? We are -" - backstreetboys

"so cute, I just got this link" - LeighanneReena

"Limited Edition "CHIRP" shirts are now available in our store! Get yours today! When they're gone, they're gone! -@KorscH" - LitrellHHC, RT by LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena @WyleebyLL i wanna get a mini brian littrell's tour scarf but they keep declining my not sure why." - neena1607

"@neena1607 email me and we will help you!" - reply from LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena All of these articles are popping up about the party and they keep saying that Baylee is TWO years old. lol" - MusicAddict90

"@MusicAddict90 I know and hw was not happy! LOL" - reply from LeighanneReena

"I hope everyone is having a GREAT day!!!!" - LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena "Even though it's a dream, even if it is an illusion, if it exists within you, is because it is for you."" - Patylittrel

"@Patylittrel nice!" reply from LeighanneReena

"My day Will be better if you @LeighanneReena send a Kiss for me a #brazilianfan *----*" - SrtCariine

"@SrtCariine how about X0000X00000x0x0x0!!" reply from LeighanneReena (How sweet!)

"RT @MelissaLamb613: @LeighanneReena I had a great day watching greys anatomy with my soldier. how was your day?" - LeighanneReena

"@skulleeroz I LOVE YOU" - rochelle_deanna

"So my skulleez do u all like the name death of adam or do u think u can come up with a better name. Music is fun pop electro hip hop! Go!!!" - skulleeroz

"" - nickcarter

"You have got to see this!!!" - nickcarter

"I want to be very happy about our win today but I don't wanna jinx em.... GO BUCS!!!!!" - nickcarter

"It's Leighanne, I am chirpin for Husband because he is driving. He wants everyone to remember to NOT text and drive, or chirp and drive!" - brian_littrell

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