Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Backstreet Boys video from 17 years ago! New! this website has listed a new Backstreet Boys video from an appearance at Sea World

This is really the best video ever shot of the Backstreet Boys. Is their first gig. At Sea World 1993. They were unknowns. Nick Carter was only 14 and he sounded like the white Michael Jackson. His voice had not changed yet. The behind the scenes interview who gets the most girls will leave you standing on your seat. Nick is very spunky and puts on A SHOW OF HIS LIFE.

This video has it all. Girls screaming for them even back all those years. Video has a song that is incrediable and can not be reproduced because of Nicks voice had not changed yet. He really sings it. I believe is a #1 on the charts song. This is their first gig at Seaworld and it has a musical slide show. Never before seen pics of the entire band and lots of Back stage action. Guaranteed to make you tingle. Even if your not a Backstreet Boys fan.

It's also here on Amazon

This is an amazing video I shot of the Backstreet Boys before they were famous. In May 1993 at Seaworld thought not to be recorded. Was a public event. But here it is was lost for years. Be the first to see it. Now available in 2010 for the first time. Guarantee to make you tingle. Nick Carters voice had not changed and they were calling him the white Michael Jackson. This video is very thrilling. Back stage interview. Rehearsal and the boys sing a song that never can be duplicated again cause Nicks voice was that of a young boy(14). He steals the show even back then. A must for anyone who loves the boys. order yours today. The song again in your life is destined to be a number 1 hit.

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