Friday, September 3, 2010

Twitter watch - more Tebey and Nick Carter

"I haven't been this excited while in a session in a long time! Writing a HUGE HIT with Backstreet Boy @nickcarter and @darealsd. Boooyah!" - Tebey

"@DArealSD and @Tebay are the shizzie... They are both writing smashes with me for the solo. Man I'm stoked!! Super talented." - nickcarter ( so yay it is for the solo, which should be out this year)

"My @tebey. Dont be too sensitive TEY!!!" - nickcarter

"couple more copies of the pendant are up @" - nickcarter

"@nickcarter is singin' his ass offffff!!! This song is a SMASH!!!!!!!!!! I'm playin' recording engineer ;-)" - DaRealSD

"Eating with the family" - LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena what type of surgery AJ gonna do? please reply" - hanapaullafreit

"@hanapaullafreit just a simple knee surgery he will be fine!" - reply from LeighanneReena

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