Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter watch pt 2

" - Top half:)" - skulleeroz

" - Bottom half:(" - skulleeroz

"@skulleeroz for a second I thought u needed a serious tan then my eyes adjusted n I saw it was a wrap lmao. How ya feeling alex?" - LadyVonVicious

"@LadyVonVicious I'm ok just frustrated:( how u doing? With your big boobs and big belly:) when are u due?" - reply from skulleeroz

"Rip rich cronin! You were a very talented man and great friend! You will be missed bro!" - skulleeroz

"Hey all anyone whose anyone needs to check out my boys site Watch the video its the future of phone privacy:). N much more!" - skulleeroz

"Thanks so much for all the prayers I'm doing much better still not getting around great but I'm taking my time! Love all my skulleez" - skulleeroz

"Having a healthy lunch and relaxing day with my love @rochelle_deanna she's the best:) ps she's wearing my shirt silly monkee:)" - skulleeroz

"@katrina_gomez seriously yall check it out it rocks! Proud of ya babe keep it up!" - skulleeroz

"About to head back in the studio with death of adam gonna make a new smash. Thinking a dance song we shall see:) love u all" - skulleeroz

"Getting ready for our anniversary party!!!!! (After our anniversary)LOL" - LeighannaReena

"The party last night was an amazing dream come true! ET was there so hopefully you guys can see some of it!" - LeighannaReena

"@mandorfer23 that means Entertainment Tonight a show here in America" reply from LeighanneReena

"To all my Haters; all eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus!!" - LeighanneReena

"You would think after 10 years happily married the haters would leave me alone so it doesn't upset my BF Jodi" - LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena Don't forget the ones that LOVE you! We've got your back!!!!" - Frackalicious

"@Frackalicious thank you !" - reply from LeighanneReena

"To my lovin awesome chirpin babes, I love yall!!! You guys make me smile thank U! Can get a chirp chirp!" - LeighanneReena

"I can't wait to see everyone in Oct and Dec! We are going to have so much fun!" - LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena Do you know when ET is airing your anniversary party?!" - Jami2523

"@Jami2523 it is supposed to be Thursday I hope so we had so much fun I want you guys to see we also will have pics in a few mags" - reply from LeighannaReena

"Getting ready to workout and hit the bed! Good night and much love to you all! Chirp chirp!" - LeighannaReena

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