Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twitter watch

"WOW ET did us right!!!!!" - LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena That's good ;) otherwise would have to deal with us :) chirp xo" - reply from Stefhanie88

"@Stefhanie88 LOL!!!" - reply from LeighanneReena

"@LeighanneReena just watched the video on looked beautiful!! :)" - alisonRENEEpen

"@allisonRENEEpen thank you!!!" - reply from LeighanneReena

"OK mag will run photos and article next week I think!" - LeighanneReena

"I wish ET had time to show everything we had so much that happened that night! We needed the whole show! LOL" - LeighanneReena

"@pilatesjessicaf Amazing workout as always! Thanks girl! See you Monday!" - rochelle_deanna

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