Sunday, January 13, 2013

Backstreet Boys - 20 years of vocal harmony / acapella

I've put together this massive collection of our guys singing acapella from 1993 - 2012.

It shows all the guys singing ability with an almost fair share of leads ( Brian has more than any other guy ). It shows that they can sing impromptu acapella whereas many groups have a song that they've rehearsed ready to go if asked in interviews and sometimes groups refuse to sing as they haven't prepared It also shows the guys working out harmonies and most importantly and perhaps surprisingly it shows that there has not been one year where the guys haven't sung at least one song acapella. Hope you all enjoy and let this be your go to video for people that say they can't sing :)

I also marvel at how in "If I Ever Fall In Love" from 1994 they all seem to be in separate places in the hall yet their harmonies are as tight as if they were all singing into one microphone standing next to each other. It also takes a hell of a lot of discipline as shown in the Sesame Street theme to sing and have each boy talk and then effortlessly go back to singing the harmonies