Friday, October 22, 2010

Backstreet boys episode of Oprah to air November 4th

The show was about teenage heartthrobs and kevin was there as a one off gig.

"Wow reliving memories. Special occasions with all 5. Its been a long time. Big CHIRP!" - brian_littrell

"Chicago is Beautiful. The windy city is not so windy today. Chirp chirp. We had date night. It was nice!" - brian_littrell

"Just finished taping the Oprah show. The show is about Teenage Heart Throbs - & I was Oprah's! We had lots of fun - watch the show Nov 4th" - JackieJackson

"OMFG. Just left the Oprah taping. It was Jackie Jackson, Shaun Cassidy, Peter Frampton and ALL FIVE BACKSTREET BOYS!" - dietplainlite

"Riding past Harpo Studios were they film Oprah at and it's packed for today's taping...." - kingjamesjr2023

"Backstreet Boys just walked in to Girl & The Goat for lunch, sorry guys not open, on their way to Purple Pig" - kevinboehmboka

"The backstreet boys just tried to come in for lunch. Who knew they were still alive. Hostess blushing big time..." - StephAndTheGoat

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