Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oprah is after Backstreet Boys fans and their stories.

Thanks to semisweetmaybe at TDS for posting.

How big of a Backstreet Boys fan are you?  Did this boy band in some way, shape or form, have a profound impact on your life?  Perhaps you watched AJ talk about his addiction on Oprah in 2003?  How did that show or AJ's story impact you?   Or maybe you have  followed Brian, Nick or Howie over the years?  Who is your  favorite Backstreet Boy and why?  What is it about their music that you hold so dear? If you are a true Backstreet Boys fan, please tell us how or why this group has inspired you!

 They also have "What I Learned From A Guest On The Show" so maybe people may write in about AJ's appearance in 2003.

And there is also "Who Do You Want Oprah To Interview" section

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