Friday, January 21, 2011

Spotlight Auction: Want Nick Carter's DNA

Yes that's right!

If you are a fan with amazing foresight then perhaps you would like some of Nick's "supposed" slobber left on this Coca Cola bottle ( Not sure the Pepsi would be too happy ) The plans of those little Nick Carter cloned minions running around could become reality.

Quick! At only $0.99 any psychotic fan could grab this so hurry up and bid like there's no Justin Bieber.

This is a very rare collectible item. It is believed to be Nicks, as it came from his Las Vegas hotel room several years back and has been stored in my closet for safekeeping since.
I was there in person in the hallway when my daughter got the bottle, so I guarantee that this bottle is authentic, complete with DNA! 


  1. do realize you're a sick person, right? Why would you even think of posting something THIS ridiculous, and expect someone to come and purchase it? If they do, they're just as nutty as you are.

  2. I hope those comments aren't towards me? I'm not the one selling the bottle. I was just taking the mickey. :)