Friday, November 19, 2010

Boyz II Men will perform at NJ NKOTBSB show!

There was a lot of drama on Twitter when BoyzIIMen posted

"Just got word we will NOT b on the NKOTBSB tour! Thanx so much for the support!! I guess they "wanted it that way"!! S/O to @NKOTB!!"  (P.S. S/O means shout out)

New Kids fans went berserk hating BSB etc

This tweet increased the hype and had me questioning what the heck was going on and thinking the account was hacked.

"They "QUIT PLAYING GAMES" so thats why We didn't get "THE CALL"! Shouts to the Homie @DonnieWahlberg!"

Then the wicked pranksters posted this

"just having fun guyz! See y'all in "New Joi-Zee!!""

LOL I have no hate for any of the groups and i hope the fans calm down, see through the rubble and realise that everything is cool and get excited for this tour!!!

Did BoyzIIMen make a fool out of you? :D


BoyzIIMen may have been messing around about dissing BSB and they may very well be on the NKOTBSB tour BUT the NJ comment is about their OWN tour happening tomorrow.

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